An oracle of past and future


A rare and almost lost archive from 1989, in VHS format, featuring the legendary avant-garde Brazilian filmmaker Mário Peixoto, has being reworked by RCBarreto since 2010. Big chunks of her first edition are present in the feature film “O Mar de Mário”(2010). The material was, then, turned into an essay film, result of a MFA thesis in the Film department at UWM, “Além do Limite”(2015). Given the importance of the archive, RCBarreto has been rethinking it, at the same time as she has been redoing it.She is reflecting upon the social implications of the archive, its historicity and aura. A critical social theory of avant-gardes in Latin America in the 1920’s, based on the 1989 archivehas been produced in the form of a scholarly article. Together with it, a ludical object was crafted to make sense of the subjectivities and reflexitivities of being in contact with a material for so long. A set of Tarot cards inspired by her essay film-symbol “Além do Limite”(2015), that goes poetically over its plot, associating it with the 22 Major Arcana of the classical modern decks. At the vernisage, RCBarreto performed “readings” for the public, going over details of Mário’s life and work, as well as her film production. Photos: Eric Coombs Esmail Art: RCBarreto



Instructions on how to play the game.

Vernissage "Twitter building" - Dec/19


A "reading".

Mario Peixoto - Alem do Limite (2015)


Front side of the cards. (Image from the film Alem do Limite, 2015)